Power Lines

I have been wanting to do some painting for awhile now. I don't think that I am very good at it, but it is certainly something that I want to become better at. This is probably one of the first paintings that I have done in a long time! And, I am sure that it shows. But, I think that it turned out ok for my first one. I will be doing more of these for sure!:)


Summer is almost over

I wanted to sketch out a couple of more girls, and I thought that a beach theme would fit nicely.


Totoro Update!!

Hey guys! I just wanted to post an update to the Totoro Project. I recently had these images e-mailed to me, and I wanted to share a little behind the scenes news. The second and third photos are of the judges picking selected pieces to be displayed at the Cartoon Art Museum. The last photo is of the book colorproofing. I can't wait untill this is available!! Anyway, If you havent done so, please get your tickets soon! Go HERE to get them... They just went on sale today! ---And I hope to see you all there:)))



I was very honored when Alberto Ruiz asked me to do a few sketches for one of his upcoming girl books. So here are a few that I came up with. I hope you guys like. Oh, and please check out his site. Alberto has some great books for sale by some of the best artists around! http://processjunkie.blogspot.com/