Totoro Project!

Well, I know that it's not exactly new news, but this is the announcement that I have been looking forward to making for some time! The website is finally complete, and I must say that it is truly an honor to be among this group of amazing artists!
What is the Totoro project? Well, briefly, it is a charity exhibition that will feature the works of some of the top talents in the industry. All of the works will be on display at Pixar studios, and later auctioned off. The proceeds for the event will go to the " Totoro Project Fund." This fund was established by the famed Oscar winning film director Hayao Miyazaki ,and was created to help save the Sayama Forest in Japan.
A book is being compiled of all of the artwork , and a select 60 pieces are going to be shown at the Cartoon Art Museum of San Francisco! This is truly an amazing event, and I am so proud to be a part of it. I would like to say thank you to Dice Tsutsumi for putting this whole show together!Dice is an incredibly talented artist, and we have been friends for many years. Also, a big thank you to the entire Totoro committee, and everyone else involved for making this happen, and for such a great cause! If you would like to check out the site, and all of the artwork just click on the Totoro picture above. Also, PLEASE donate! This is the most important thing!!!